Xcell was designed to increase cell division, cell density and cell strength. XCell's primary use is to increase the fruiting parts of the plant, thus increasing size and density. XCell is usually applied either pre flower or early flowering in open flowering crops ( ie cotton, canola, grain legumes including most fruiting vegetables like watermelons and peppers ) and before head initiation in corn ( growth Stage V4 ) and cereals at the end of tillering and before a node.

  • Xcell can be applied to any crop experiencing plant stress due to hail, insect, chemical and wind damage ( ie sand blasting )
  • Xcell can be applied to dual purpose crops , one week after the crop is locked up to take to grain
  • Xcell is a combination of Soluble Calcium, Potassium , Cytokokins, Microbial enzymes and metabolites

Application :

Broadacre crops: 1.7 GPA XCell with maximum total liquid volume at 5 GPAs; preferably with the addition of an high quality silicon surfactant

Vegetables: 3.6 GPA ( as per above )